Choc O Lot Ahh…

Choc O Lot Ahh…

GoldenHerbs is proud to introduce our most unique product ever:

Chocolate syrup heartChocO Lot Ahh…

the chocolate that loves you back!

Do not be fooled by imitations, you can only find this incredible formula here!

Choc O Lot Ahh...EnergyChoc O Lot Ahh… Energy

the original chocolate afterglow


Mother nature lends her finest ingredients to promote alertness and energy while calming you for a focusing effect that will lift your spirits and brighten your day.  No jitters, no crash afterwards, no addictive chemicals or harmful additives.

It gets better, all this comes in a rich chocolate elixir to satisfy cravings while treating your body to the best.

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What is Choc O Lot Ahh…?

 It’s a rich chocolate elixir: a natural supplement enrobed in decadent chocolate. It is specifically designed to target the pleasure center of your brain.

Unlike your chocolate fudge sundae,

Choc O Lot Ahh is:

  • Portable! It fits in your purse for a fix on the run.
  • Low calorie and fat free
  • All natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • The purest, finest ingredients available
  • Formulated by a master herbalist to both perk you up and calm you down.
  • The first chocolate to truly love you back!  😉

 What does it do?

A dropper of this liquid gold gives you a rich chocolate burst that will satisfy the deepest cravings, but that is just the surface.  This chocolate contains a blend of incredible ingredients with amazing properties.  The combination works naturally with your brain chemistry to both energize and calm you.  That’s where the “Ahh…” comes in.  When you feel stressed or frazzled, dragging or a little fuzzy, a simple dropper of chocolate will help lift and focus you.

What’s in it?

Choc O Lot Ahh…Energy Ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Gold Water, Organic Honey, Gold Water, Cacao, Green Arabica Bean, Vanilla Bean, Velvet Bean (Mucana), Capsicum, Indium and Proprietary Blend of Mineral Salts.  



The only supplement formulated to target the pineal center of the brain…this is feel-good chocolate!

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