Liquid Life Mineral Waters

Liquid Life Mineral Waters

liquid life mineral watersThere is a reason we call these minerals “Liquid Life.”  They are presented in a pure crystalline form measured in nanometer sized particles.  What does that mean to you? Instant absorption, rapid effect, no toxicity.  Your body utilizes what it wants and simply passes the rest.  No accumulation. There truly is nothing else like this anywhere!

Our mineral waters are sold in a concentrated form.  They can be mixed, one 8-oz bottle with 1 gallon distilled water and taken as a course of treatment, one glass a day until gone. For daily maintenance, take one capful undiluted  a day.  Call for more information.

Available in 4 varieties, $20 for each 8 oz bottle:



Used as an internal antibiotic, also antiviral.  Helps strengthen the immune system. Great to take daily to reinforce your body against sickness, or in greater doses to help combat an illness.  Because silver kills odor causing bacteria, it has many hygiene applications to control bad smells.


Aids in cellular detoxification.  Also known to amplify, or activate, the effects of other supplements.  Because of its powerful detoxing properties, gold water has been successfully used to treat addictions including cigarettes, drugs, sugar and other substances you want out of your system!


Copper is a powerful Parasite cleanser; in fact, it is recommended that a copper cleanse be done every year or two to rid the body of unwanted organisms (we all have them!).

Copper also helps the body utilize iron in the production of red blood cells.  It facilitates blood clotting, and contributes to healthy skin and hair. Copper has antioxidant properties and is thought to help in fertility.  It also supports healthy blood vessels, bones, tendons, and nerves.


Fires the electrical system of the heart, helps regulate rhythms and impulses. Also critical in building bone mass. Magnesium is also known to ease muscle tension, lessen pain associated with migraines, aid in sleep quality, and help with muscle spasms.

Because it plays an essential function in hundreds of biochemical reactions within our cells, magnesium literally affects the brain, muscles, and the heart and blood vessels. It is hard to overstate the effects Magnesium can have in our body and the benefit of an effective, absorbable supplement.

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Liquid Life Mineral Waters

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