Minerals, more than just a supplement

Do this, do that. Don’t forget that.  It can be daunting to keep track of all the things you need to do. Why should taking mineral supplements be on the ever-growing list?  The reasons simple: You need them, you’re not getting them.

Minerals work as activators in the body–they are required to initiate chemical reactions. For example, consider magnesium: it’s an activator for over 300 enzymes and is vital for the electrical system of the body.  Minerals are required for every cell in our body to function. Their importance can’t be overstated.  In fact, it isn’t unreasonable to claim that every sickness or disease is related to a mineral deficiency of one kind or another.

So as long as we eat our leafy greens, we should be okay, right? Sadly, wrong.  

Deficiency: the secret is out. Mother Nature used to supply minerals in abundance via the soil we grew our food in. But like the spoiled kids we are, we ran her dry.  Reckless farming practices have left our soil bankrupt of the essential trace minerals we depend on.  It is estimated that North American soil, hit hardest because of aggressive agricultural methods, are as much as 85% depleted of essential minerals naturally found in the earth. Deficient soil means deficient crops.  A good example is spinach; in 1948 a bowl of spinach contained 150 mg of iron. Today, that same bowl contains just 2 mg.  The phrase “dirt cheap” was never so applicable.  Bankrupt soil means produce that looks like food, but contains little or no nutritional value.  This translates to mineral deficiencies in anything that eats those crops. That would include us.  

So minerals aren’t in your food.  What else?Isn’t your multi vitamin enough to save you?  A discouraging note: if minerals are lacking in our food, vitamins are of no use because they need minerals for them to work in our bodies.  Minerals are vital in every function the body performs.  They are not just a recommended daily allowance, they are essential. 

Deficiencies are a reality and reason enough to take mineral supplements.  But even if you are meeting your daily needs for minerals, there are other reasons to keep mineral supplements on hands.  With a growing awareness of natural and homeopathic remedies, people everywhere are passing by artificial chemicals for wholesome alternatives. Consider all the uses for minerals as natural remedies.  When you understand the role that specific minerals play in your body, you can treat a wide spectrum of conditions by supplementing with minerals.  

Have you ever reached for a bottle of Ibuprofen looking to alleviate a headache? Were you thinking you couldn’t wait to treat your Ibuprofen deficiency? No, you wanted to get rid of a pain in your head.  What if you could treat your body with natural elements?  For example, what if you could reach for Silver to get rid of a bacterial throat infection or maybe to prevent a cold? What if you learned that osteoporosis runs in your family and you knew Magnesium can build bone mass? What if you wanted a cleanse that wouldn’t leave you locked in a bathroom or introduce harsh substances into your system? You could reach for Gold if you knew of its powerful detoxing properties.  Minerals have preventative and curative powers. Since they are among the basic building blocks of the body, it makes sense that providing them in ample quantities would allow the body to heal itself, to build itself up, and to experience optimal health.

Minerals are powerful. Your body needs them and knows how to use them.  You just need to know where to get them.

golden herbs logoGolden Herbs offers a line of Liquid Life Mineral Waters unlike any mineral supplement on the market today.  The exciting and effective benefits these minerals can have on your body are worth learning about.  

We know your body can’t use what it can’t absorb, so we offer a cutting edge product.  All our minerals are presented in crystalline form: a form so small, so pure, it is instantly absorbed into the body for immediate effect.  What isn’t used is passed just as easily. No toxicity, no residue; just pure minerals.  Pure vitality.

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